Friday, February 29, 2008


today is truly a momentous event.
its leap day and it comes along but once every 4 years.

it is sort of like when we turn our clocks back an hour in the fall. an extra hour to do with what you will. its a time perk. leap day is like daylight savings time, super sized. its like a free day. its like a tax return. its like a surplus. unaccounted for and therefore, i think we should be able to use that time however you choose, and being as its sort of time that's "off the record", without repercussions.

i think it would make for a nice holiday. it only happens quad-annually, thus making it 400% more special than any other holiday.

it could be marked as a day with out consequence. completely uninhibited. as long as there's no physical evidence around after Feb. 29th, its a free for all. just think of the possibilities. you could curse out a small child, or skip work to lay on the beach sipping mojitos, or pee your pants, or sleep until dinner time, or kiss a stranger, or bathe in chocolate pudding, or eat a bucket of crisco.

then, come march 1, it's all wiped clean.

this could obviously never happen. half the population would probably be wiped out on the first celebrated Leap Day... but how fun would it be?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


a video i just finished making for the band
Ghost Away.
the song is called "Holding Back The Ocean".


(Ghost Away is a band out of Philadelphia. they released a 3 song EP last month in anticipation of their soon to be released debut album, Siberia. its available for your downloading pleasure @ also, the songs are on their myspace page here.)