Thursday, March 13, 2008


the human brain is an amazing machine.
any real research on what we know about it shows how truly ignorant we still are. we're the most intelligent species on the planet, responsible for countless achievements and capable of so many spectacular things, and yet the principle organ that runs us is still so mysterious.

i found this video of an episode of a show called "Horizons" which airs on the BBC. it deals with the effects of confined isolation and sensory deprivation on the mind. i find it totally fascinating. makes one wonder which is actually more inhumane - solitary confinement or the death penalty.

is it more of a punishment to destroy one's mind or one's body?


Anonymous said...

I watched it. Interesting. I thought it was funny because some things reminded me of work. I pace, and eat just because I am SO bored...... there's no windows..... paid prison

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