Thursday, April 17, 2008


have you ever heard a new band and thought you were experiencing something special? not just musically, but an awareness of a potential. a somehow smug feeling like you were there in the beginning. like catching a Radiohead gig when they were just a little college band known as On A Friday. imagine seeing the Beatles in one of those smokey little german bars before "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

take Ghost Away as your chance to get in on the ground floor.

the up and coming electronic indie rock band comes to you without the aid of a record deal. without a $1000 an hour producer helming the console. without ever even trying out for american idol. its middle man free. songs written, performed, recorded and produced by the artists.

their debut album Siberia was unleashed on the public this past monday. it plays like the echoes of abandoned machinery in the haze of a blizzard. the decaying beats and electronic noodling bear a mechanical quality and when paired with lots of acoustic guitar, multiple singers and layered vocals, drums and driving bass lines, you hear the music in the machine.

their machine, it seems, is comprised of many parts. there are moments of mellow contemplation like on "Holding Back The Ocean" and "Siberia", the title track. "Back Row Souls" showcases a radiohead-esque style of arrangement, bringing in subdued horns that creep up on haunting vocals. they even rock out a bit here and there, especially on "Turnaround", the album's final 8 minute track.

as the name of the album implies, there's a feeling of open space accompanying the sound. the introspective lyrics feel like eaves dropping without the guilt. the production is very clean and the reverb almost echoes. Siberia is an album with a tone washed over it. it takes you somewhere if you let it. a place of lush melodies and post rock rhythms.

Ghost Away's Siberia is available to all as a free download from the Ghost Away website. as a special added bonus, included with the songs is a digital booklet of original artwork and complete lyrics.

you can also check them out on myspace for news and upcoming tour dates.


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