Tuesday, January 23, 2007


i've decided to bypass what i was originally planning on writing for today's bit of "knowledge dropped". two albums (yeah, i still call them albums. so?) that i have been eagerly anticipating were released into the wild today. the second full length album by Menomena entitled "Friend & Foe" and the debut of the british super-group The Good, The Bad & The Queen, which is self-titled.

i opted out of this line of action due to a pattern i've noticed in myself when i get eager to discuss something. i'll be the first to tell you exactly what i thought of anything if you care enough to ask. normally, i'm just excited to dole out an opinion. i'm aware that it may not be the best idea i've had, but i think ego helps to spit the words past my teeth. the flaw is the haste i make. allow me to elaborate.

let's say i go to a movie with some friends. immediately upon leaving the multisupercineplex, the question invariably comes up, "what did ya think?". i've noticed most people will reply as if the question was, "did ya like it?", when it clearly was not. now you've got to place your vote on the spot and give some reason. let's say i throw out a "ehhh, it was okay. it seemed too long. they should have cut a lot of the extraneous, meandering shots." then, two days later, as i stir about a cup of sugar into my morning caffeine fix, it dawns on me like an atomic blast that the meandering camera shots weren't pointless. maybe they were showing some recurring symbol that always seemed to pop up if you paid attention. or maybe it was actually the perspective of a character and i hadn't made the connection. maybe it was a million, billion things. now i've totally changed my mind on the matter. my "ehhh" turned into a "yeah" but i feel as if i can't take it back. i've dropped the gavel and everyone heard the verdict. i'm often faced with this dilemma when someone lends me a cd because they think i'd dig it, then calls to see what i thought of it before i've had the chance to really pay attention to it. i feel i have to say something, otherwise i look like the guy that doesn't appreciate a kind gesture.

so i'm hesitating.

i'm going to listen the pants off these two albums and get back to you with the skinny. i promise. i just want to give it some room to breathe.

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