Friday, June 22, 2007


every major city has its faithfully devoted. inhabitants from wherever, beaming with pride over where they've chosen to call home. its sort of noble. or maybe it some inborn longing to build a family based only on sharing an area code. whatever the reason, its a feeling that opens a gateway for business opportunities.

people express their love for home in different ways. they adamantly back their local football/ baseball/ hockey team. they soak in the music, arts and culture. they stroll through the shopping districts. they establish symbols of their city and, most important for me, they have trademark foods.

Philadelphia is where my mail is sent. everyone loves our eagles and our phillies and our flyers. our art museum is first class and we have an ever expanding gallery area in olde city. designer shops are littered throughout center city, or you can skate the fringe on south street if your feeling more bohemian. the declaration of independence was born here and tourists flock from all over to see the liberty bell or, if time permits, pay a visit to the franklin mint...but no matter what, every visitor has to taste a real Philadelphia cheesesteak. the cheesesteak is what keeps us on the map. when i'm hosting some friends from out of town, getting a cheesesteak is always on their to do lists. second in fame, regarding our edible products, is Philadelphia cream cheese. its even named after the place.

i propose to exploit these national consumer icons. the time has come to up the ante.

introducing the philadelphia cream cheesesteak.

thinly sliced, grade A flank steak, cooked to perfection on a flat top grill, inside a fresh south philly roll, smeared with authentic Philadelphia cream cheese. its the full philadelphia dining experience for the tourist on the go. is your mouth watering yet?

before now, cheesesteaks were exclusively post lunch treats. with the introduction of cream cheese, the market can be opened for breakfasts and brunches. this addition of the third mealtime boosts the sales potential by at least 33%.

not if, but when this blows up, the next step is expanding the product. i'm already way ahead on that. phase two: the south philly pretzel cream cheesesteak. its the cream cheesesteak you know and love, sandwiched between two salted soft pretzels... and it only gets better from there.

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