Thursday, June 28, 2007


i've written several posts in the past about my disgust over today's "journalism". the nightly news looks more like access hollywood than access hollywood does. more people can tell you what lindsay lohan did this week than name a single nobel prize winner. that disturbs me greatly.

so when i saw this, i tipped my hat.

this is what journalism is about. at least, its what its supposed to be about. the funny thing about it is how the two male reporters treat ms. brzezinski as though she's the fool. the irony is that she's standing up for the dignity of her profession. thats the difference between being a reporter and being a journalist.


Tim E said...

What escapes most mainstream journalists today is a healthy dose of skepticism. Not enough hard questions. Wolf Blitzer may be the worst journalist, if you can even call him that, on television. Journalists these days are pussies.

Dave said...

she has a nice butt! go EAGLES!!!