Wednesday, March 14, 2007


my apologies to anyone who may be waiting with baited breath for my next literary outpouring. the purpose of starting this blog to begin with was to reactivate old writing habits. it seems as i have succeeded, at least for the present. unfortunately, i have a life to lead as well, so making time for all my little hobbies and past times gets tough.

also, i have no intention of turning this blog into an overly personal retelling of my day to day activities and thoughts. since much of my writing has been on the verge, if not crossing that bordering line, it shall remain on paper. maybe i'll toss out a poem here and there just to mix it up. i'd like to exert information that will make you think, or smile or at the very least, hold your interest for the duration of the read.

in all likelihood, nobody minds that i'm leaving bigger and bigger gaps between posts, but i care a little. so i'll try and do better, even if its just a promise to myself.

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