Monday, March 26, 2007


i suppose everyone wants to leave their mark. to make an imprint in the world and an impact on society. i hope to do it through my artwork, but i was also taught to have a fallback plan.

i have a tendency to make up phrases and nicknames a lot. i'm not entirely sure why but my speculation is that i make quick and random connections in my head. that compounds with the fact that i usually think before speaking, so in the time between the words i think and the ones i say, i translate the output into the random connections i made. for instance, not so long ago, i met a friend in a bar. i arrived before them and ordered a dark beer. when my friend arrived, he asked what i was drinking. i couldn't think of the name. i looked at the beer in the glass, the color looking like dark rust. not rusty. old rust. plus, as the bartender poured it, i thought of mead. old world, Beowulf, middle English ale from giant oak barrels in the basement. i said, "Something rustic".

he didn't question it. he just smiled and ordered a drink. i thought he'd just formulated his own meaning that made sense to him. i kind of thought it was cool. this happens a lot. i say things to people and then think of what i said. i wonder what they thought it meant. i wonder if they turned to someone else later and used the same phrasing.

so, just for fun, here's some other random slang i've spouted recently. feel free to use it at will, if you feel so inclined. in fact, its encouraged.

circling dirt
bored; passively wasting time OR obviously expressing shyness, vulnerability or modesty
1. "When I discovered my dead car battery, I stood circling dirt until a friendly motorist stopped to help."
2. "He blurted out his feelings for her, then stepped back in silence, head down and circling dirt"

fog eyed
adj. - to be mentally disconnected from one's surroundings; zoned out; spaced
"Sorry for being fog eyed all night. I've got a lot of things on my mind."

v. - when an arrogant, trendy person poses questions or topics to see how "cool" someone else is as a passive aggressive way of showing pseudo-superiority.
"I hate talking to Russell. All he does is hepcheck obscure indie movies and bootleg hip hop."

a lighter
"Can I bum a smoke? Thanks. Toss me the flicker."

stub toes
n. - clumsy person; an individual lacking in grace
"My stub toes keep me off the dance floor"

n. - where you put things you've grown past
"We made up. That's all in the lunchbox now."

dimpled & bobbling
adj. - smiling and nodding at a figure of authority to get rid of them.
"It was a long day and I was tired of hearing about the IPS reports so I just sat dimpled and bobbling until he strolled back to his office."

eye gouger
n. - type of headache
"This eye gouger is making it hard to look at this monitor"

runner up
n. - non-underwear clothes worn under other clothes (also: runners up. when they become the outer layer, they become "up and running")
"Here, take my sweater. I've got runners up"...then later, "hey Tyler, did you change your clothes?" "Nah, I was wearing this all night, now its up and running."

in sheep thought
prep. phrase - to awaken and yet still partially asleep. sometimes accompanied by mumbling and/or nonsensical speech.
*ring*ring* "Helllooo?" "Hey T." "what time who blubaba" "What? Did I wake you up?" "Yeah. sorry. I'm in sheep thought"

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Anonymous said...

Maybe everyone creates their own words.... I use "infer" It means here I come, "in for" something, get the hell out of my way. Now a waiter Kevin uses it too. He laughs at everything, so he probably has a nicer thoughts instead of my follow up.

And Mimi used to steal my " I hate people, all people, equally" line, so maybe this is how I will leave my mark on the world. Maybe I should try peeing on trees.... M.K.