Friday, March 2, 2007


today, i had to do a house call for my job. some of the lead work around the border of a stained glass window i'd made got marred during its installation. it was up to me, "the specialist", to remedy the situation to put a smile back on our customers face. since the meeting was scheduled for shortly after when i typically take my lunch break and the house wasn't far from my place of residence, i left early and went home for lunch.

i'm never home during the day, so, out of curiosity, i flipped on the t.v., just to see what they broadcast mid-day. i can only pick up about 7 channels. 1 had a spanish talk show. 2 had soap operas. 3 had court room reality shows. PBS had Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood.

i left it there and went into the kitchen to whip up some grub. as Fred belted out the theme song in his quiet, elderly man voice, the words suddenly seemed a little creepy to me.

maybe because i've always had a weird connection in my head with Mr. Rodgers and Bob Barker. since Bob has run into sexual harassment trouble in the past, it is unfairly possible that i've passed that on to Fred. but its still a bit peculiar. i never thought so before. maybe its because i wasn't watching the little old man perform it. to just hear the had a strange, desperate, stalkery vibe.

the rest of the episode was about how Lady Elaine had gone to King Friday for a restraining order against Mr. Rodgers. she claimed he constantly pestered her and would often come knocking after oggling her through her windows with "his gigantic evil eye". since it had begun, she's developed a nervous "blushing" disorder (though Fred put the blame for her afliction on her decades of binge drinking). as he wasn't a native to the Land of Make Believe, he was appointed a lawyer by the american embassy but due to the overwhelming amount of evidence that had been amassed against him, in the end, it didn't matter. Fred won't be taking that trolley ride for a while.

oh, then he got a "special delivery" (surveillance equipment, no doubt).

[cut to credits]

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Tim E said...

Do you think that Mr. Rodgers had a puppet fetish?