Thursday, July 26, 2007


i made a few little changes to The Combustible Engineer lately and i wanted to keep you all informed.

i created an account with feedburner which provides me with consolidated feeds and stats. to you, that means next to nothing, but they do offer some nice little widgets and banners that make subscribing to my blog a little easier.
its never been more simple. in the side bar to the right are two ways to do so. click the little orange button to subscribe directly to the feed. you can also enter your email address into the box. whenever i publish new posts, you'll get a notification right in your inbox. i think you'll also receive the full content as well. easy as pie. go for it. you can do it. i believe in you.

as always, leave comments if you're so inspired. they let me know that people are actually reading what i'm rambling. plus, it's great to get feedback, good or bad. maybe a comment will spawn a conversation or new topics to discuss in future posts. maybe it'll encourage more frequent blog entries. maybe i'll make new friends. maybe i'll invite you over for chinese take-out and a heated game of Risk.

thanks for stopping by.

SIDE NOTE: i recently wasted an hour googling random things. my name. my town. (my artwork website). when i googled my blog, i found that some entrepreneurial site had copied one of my posts, The Ink Diet. the website was all about get-rich-quick schemes and ways to make millions while working at home. there in the midst of it was my mock-infomercial post about losing weight by getting ugly tattoos. hilarious. i'm finally making it big.

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Anonymous said...

I like Chinese. Bean curd Sesuquan style( even spell check can't help me here !) No Risk. Ok, just kidding, I don't think I'm on the list anyway. Have you started the painting for my brother's house? Ryan and I were there this week. Very nice! Water was even warm enough for me. I boogied boarded. No, there is not an age limit for that. M.K.