Saturday, February 24, 2007


i've had a fairly addictive personality my whole life. nail biting. caffeine. fresh breath. nicotine. my biggest vice of all has been my own sense of intrigue. when i come across something that interests me, i truly invest myself in it. it isn't to the point of an obsessive compulsive disorder, nor do i think its escalating in that direction. i've never started any insane collections of Norwegian thimbles. i've never felt compelled to count floor tiles or be overly orderly. its not automatic behavior. i've always had my reasons as back-up. if need be, i'm prepared to justify.

it started early, i suppose. when i was little, i loved puppets, muppets and actual ventriloquism. i had quite a collection and would often hone my voice throwing skills in private. i can still do a mean kermit impression. i'll make no apologies for my dorkiness, i've come to terms with it, but i'd forced my family's attendance at many a puppet show. to them, i say "sorry". then, i became obsessed with transformers. i liked the idea of something being more than meets the eye.

when i see a movie that i really enjoy, i research the hell out of it to discover more about those responsible. same for music. same for books. actually, the same goes for anything. its like an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that has little to no substantial benefit other than making for a great trivial pursuit rival or game show contestant.

when getting artistic, if i'm into whatever it is i'm working on, i won't stop. there's a painting i did that's 4 ft X 5 ft.. i started and finished it in a 54 hour, almost non-stop haze. i have plenty of patience but when i'm in that zone, i just can't stop and walk away.

its always something.

comic books. girls. coffee. instruments. photography. cooking. Kandinsky. bridges. color theory. psychology. vinyl records. patterns. Beethoven. rhyming words. space. cycles. mythology. world cultures. computers. mechanics. art. design. physics. it seems whatever compels me, consumes me, until its been exhausted.

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