Thursday, February 15, 2007


last night, i had a dream that i was walking through a clearing from some wooded area. with me was a guide in gray cover-alls. he was talking but i didn't hear much of what he said. mostly pointing. we came to a short wall and just beyond it, i could see a single row of trees. as i looked at them, i noticed they were full of sloths. the leaves were actually little furry animals.

he kept warning me to keep from drawing their attention. i didn't understand why but he seemed fairly frightened, talking really close and in whispers. they weren't moving. harmless, dangling balls of fur was all i saw. he kept saying that they hunt in gangs. i thought it was hilarious, picturing sloths in street gangs. awkwardly flashing signs with 3 toes. wearing their bandannas. packing heat.

then, poof, i was in some restaurant surrounded by waiters and the whole subconscious roller coaster took another direction entirely.

all day long, i've had sloths on the brain. i want some sloth friends. they seem pretty mellow. i just hope their isn't an initiation to get into the posse. i googled these little tree huggers and found this video from saturday night live.


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Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I sometimes thought of you as "slothy" at work. Then as time went on you picked up some speed. Of course no one moves fast enough for me anyway. Someone recently flipped out on me ( she's a little crazy ) , but she said " nothing is ever good enough for you, Mary Kay, is it?" Well, guess that part would have to be true. At least I aim high!